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Oh how I miss the 90s!


Here are some character model sheets for Walt Disney’s Peter Pan. These model sheets were used primarily as suggestions for the character’s clothing/costumes, as the final design of the characters were a tad different than how they’re portrayed here (especially John).

OMG - the Lost Boys are wearing onesies! 60 years before the trend! How have I never noticed this before!!!

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Okay I’m going to be honest with you guys, this my fiancee, Nicole. Me and Nicole run this blog together. She is pregnant with my little boy/girl. I think she looks absolutely stunning in this picture. But despite her trying her best to accept compliments and pretend she believes it the truth is she really doesn’t. She tried to commit suicide about a month ago and she has done such a great job recovering and I am so proud of her. She gets visibly upset when people post selfies that get thousands of notes while her pictures usually get no more than a couple of notes, she’s told me about it herself, she wishes she could be one of them. She is gone now, out for the whole day with her dad. It would mean the entire world to me if maybe some of you could reblog this to give her the admiration that she deserves, look at her, she is beautiful, reblogging her picture won’t ruin your blog I promise. But it will mean the whole world to her. I don’t have a certain goal in mind, or a specific number that would mean everything to her, to be honest I really don’t think this will work. But if it does, thank you, please help me do this for her, she deserves it.

her eyes are absolutely perfect

She is gorgeous

Can we at least get this to 150,000?

If only…I don’t think that’s even possible tbh, but if anyone deserves it, it sure is my girl.


Love dem freckles

Wish I was that pretty

I haven’t watched the new Sherlock yet, and tumblr is a very dangerous place to be.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much - there is soooo much amazing stuff in that episode that I swear at least half of it hasn’t made it onto tumblr as yet! 

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My new OTP - at last, my love has come along!

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My body is very attracted to your body, but when you speak my brain gets angry.

– Mindy, The Mindy Project (via cloneclubbing) Via I have an unhealthy tv obsession

You were born for TV news!

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Right guys… if you haven’t discovered The Mindy Project yet, YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS SHOW!!!

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Calling out for Colin fans with video-making skills!

PLEASE can someone (who knows how to edit a video properly - unlike me!) make a video showing people exactly why Colin DESERVES to win Best Actor at the NTAs this year.


He is such an AMAZING actor, with such incredible range.


And I honestly think that he has worked his socks off, above and beyond Benedict and Matt, in 2012.


Merlin was, at times, let down by it’s script, but Colin ALWAYS delivered. I love them all - but Colin Morgan has truly earned this one.


So… just in case some people need prompting/reminding/convincing, I think a video would really help!


Plus it would be a nice tribute to his part in making ‘Merlin’ great.


Gif credits: x 2


(I just want him to get the recognition he deserves!)

My thoughts on the awards.


I think we should all vote for Merlin/Colin Morgan.

I know Matt Smith and Doctor Who are in the categories and I know Benedict Cumberbatch and Sherlock are in the categories, but…come on. Colin deserves to know that five years worth of acting weren’t for nothing.



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Do as your King commands, vote for Merlin (and Colin) at the NTA (here). Make sure you go through all the categories and enter your email address at the end so your vote counts.

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You can vote overseas for this and everyone in UK and Ireland MUST vote for Colin and Merlin in their groups otherwise the ghost of uther will come back to haunt you… here’s the link  

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When your fandoms collide… 

but you VOTE FOR COLS because you’ve loved him longer, and… well… Merlin!

This is, quite simply, stunning - and needs to be seen by more people!

Five glorious minutes of ‘This is War’ featuring all four fabulous Series of Merlin.

All hail cb_eaglemaniac! So excited for Series 5!

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